Mixed grilled meats



grigliata di carne  

Book grilled meat Madonie. The menu includes appetizer of bruschetta base, Puntine pork, sausage, lamb chops or mutton, Stigliole (spring onion with bacon) side dish of baked potatoes, fruit, soft drink or glass of wine, dessert.

Price 18€ per person



children's menu




At the Adventure Park Madonie also find the "children's menu" consists of: pasta with tomato sauce, breaded cutlet with french fries, fruit and water.
You can book online or buy directly at the park.

Price 10€ per person



Turistic MENU



menu turistico  

The tourist menu of the Madonie Adventure Park is always available. You can request prior to sending a reservation request or choose it directly to the park. The tourist menu includes: First day, second course with vegetables and water.

Price 13€ per person







Book a simple and quick menu. A second of meat with vegetables, soft drink or glass of wine and fruit.

Price 7€ per person







Book Light menu. First, drink or glass of wine and fruit

Preice 7€ per person






Pani cunzatu  

At Madonie Adventure Park you will also find a variety of sandwiches type, such as "u cunzatu bread": extra virgin olive oil, homemade bread, salt first. Only its opening days. You do not need a reservation. You will also find: sandwich with grilled sausages, hamburgers and sandwich with fries, vegetarian sandwich.



N.B .: The pictures are purely indicative and do not represent neither the composition of the dishes nor their content. Drinks will be served only on the menu where you stated. To confirm your reservation you need to send an advance.